What is Digital Capture LA best known for?

Digital Capture LA is best known for making Tiff files of large paintings at the same size as the original artwork, allowing them to make big, sharp, color-corrected & beautiful fine art prints. https://fineartprinting.la/about/

How do I need to schedule a phone consultation?

Call or text Ed at 213.819.9474 or email him at edglenphoto@gmail.com.

What is your turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 3-5 business days.

Where can I get fine art prints made after Multi-Captures or Single-Captures have been made?

Digital Capture LA co-exists in the exact location as our good friends at POV Fine Art Printing Studio. Their competent team can answer any questions you have about printing your artwork. Start by visiting fineartprinting.la

What types of payment do you accept?

The invoice would be sent to your email address, allowing you to pay there using debit or credit cards. Otherwise, we accept payments using Zelle, Venmo, or at Paypal. Full payment must be made before we can deliver the final files.

What is a Single Capture ?

Single Captures are photoshopped and cropped single exposures taken by a Canon 5Ds R 35mm digital camera.

What is a Multi Capture ?

Multi-Captures is short for multiple macro exposures that are merged together in Photoshop in post-production. 

Where is Digital Capture LA located?

We’re located in downtown Los Angeles, near the corner of Kohler & Olympic. One enters our parking lot off of Kohler Street. If you set your phone to 865 Kohler Street, you will be brought to our parking lot entrance. Before arriving, please check out the Map & Directions page to ensure you make it here without any problems.

Where do I park when I arrive?

Once inside the parking lot, you can pull up and park in front of our green building with 834 painted in black just to the right of our glass door entrance at the back of the lot. Call or text the studio at 213.819.9474 when you are close if it’s your first visit.

Are my files color-corrected before delivery?

Yes, all files are color-corrected and cropped to your specifications before they are delivered.

How are my photo files delivered to me?

All completed files are emailed to you via WeTransfer. The WeTransfer download link will only be active for 30 days. Downloading your files as soon as you receive them would be my best advice.

Do you charge a location fee?

I charge an additional $150 while shooting Single Captures on-site on top of $50 per piece. Plus, I charge an additional $250 while shooting Multi Captures on-site. The price list for Multi Captures of different sizes can be found at https://digitalcapture.la/multi-captures/

I do not charge any location fee for work done at my studio, but there is a minimum fee of $150 for any job.

Do you ever charge for rush services?

Rush services are charged when a client needs same-day or next-day service. The same-day service is an additional 100% fee. The next business day service is an additional 75% fee. Standard Service time is between 3-5 business days.

Should I varnish my paintings before photography?

If possible, please bring in your paintings for photography before adding varnish.

How many different file types are delivered to me per piece of artwork?

3-files of each piece are delivered to you via WeTransfer. The large TIFF file is ideal for archiving and well-suited for making fine art prints. The medium JPEG file is about 8” x 10” at 300 PPI  (4-6 MB). The small JPEG file is approximately 8” x 10” at 100 PPI (750 KB) and is most often used for social media and website building.

Do you ever work with a photo assistant?

When it’s a big job or if the paintings or the sculptures are large or fragile, I hire a photo assistant to help me during the photoshoot.

Do you capture paintings or drawings that are already framed behind glass or plexiglass?

Yes. An additional fee is included for the work necessary to set up equipment that would eliminate glare or reflection.