What is Digital Capture LA best known for?

Digital Capture LA has established a reputation for its high-quality Tiff files, replicating the size of original large paintings. This meticulous process ensures the production of big, sharp, and beautifully color-corrected fine art prints. His expertise in capturing the essence and detail of original artwork allows for exceptional reproductions that maintain the integrity and aesthetics of the original pieces. This capability makes them a preferred choice for artists and galleries looking to create archival-quality prints.


How do I talk to you in person?

For inquiries or to arrange a drop-off, contact Ed by calling or texting 213.819.9474, or by emailing [email protected]. It’s important to contact him before bringing in your artwork as he is frequently working on location.

What is your turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time for services is 3-5 business days.

Where can I get fine art prints made after Multi-Captures or Single-Captures have been made?

Digital Capture LA co-exists in the exact location as our good friends at POV Fine Art Printing Studio. Their competent team can answer any questions you have about printing your artwork. Start by visiting fineartprinting.la

What types of payment do you accept?

Invoices will be sent directly to your email address, where you can conveniently make payments using debit or credit cards. Alternatively, payments can be made via Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal. Please note that full payment is required before the final files can be delivered.

What is a Single Capture ?

Single Captures are meticulously photoshopped and cropped single exposures taken using a Canon 5Ds R 35mm digital camera. This method ensures high-resolution images with exceptional detail, ideal for capturing the nuances of fine art.

What is a Multi Capture ?

“Multi-captures” refers to a technique involving multiple macro exposures that are taken separately and then merged together in Photoshop during post-production. This process allows for enhanced detail and improved image quality by combining the strengths of each exposure, creating a more comprehensive and finely detailed final image.

Where is Digital Capture LA located?

We are located in downtown Los Angeles, near the corner of Kohler and Olympic. You can enter our parking lot from Kohler Street. For navigation, set your GPS to 875 Kohler Street, which will direct you to our parking lot entrance. To ensure a smooth arrival, please visit our Map & Directions page before setting out.

Where do I park when I arrive?

Once you enter the parking lot, look for our green building with the number “834” painted in black, located just to the right of the glass door entrance at the back of the lot. You can park in front of this building. If it’s your first visit, please call or text the studio at 213.819.9474 as you get close, so we can provide any necessary assistance or directions.

Are my files color-corrected before delivery?

Yes, all files are meticulously color-corrected and cropped according to your specifications before delivery, ensuring they meet your exact requirements and standards.

How are my photo files delivered to me?

All completed files are sent to you via WeTransfer, and the download link provided will only be active for 30 days. It is highly recommended to download your files as soon as you receive them to ensure you have access before the link expires.

Do you charge a location fee?

For on-site Single Captures, there is an additional charge of $150 plus $50 per piece. For on-site Multi Captures, an additional fee of $250 applies. You can view the detailed price list for Multi Captures of various sizes at https://digitalcapture.la/multi-captures/.

There are no location fees for work conducted at my studio. However, there is a minimum fee of $150 for any job handled at the studio.

Do you ever bill for rush charges?

Rush charges apply when you require expedited service. For same-day service, there is an additional fee of 100% of the standard cost. For next business day service, the fee is an additional 75%. Our Standard Service typically operates within a 3-5 business day turnaround. These options allow you to choose the service speed that best suits your needs, with corresponding pricing adjustments for faster processing.

Should I varnish my paintings before photography?

If possible, please deliver your paintings for photography before applying varnish to the final artwork. This helps ensure the best quality capture, as varnish can affect the lighting and appearance of your paintings in photographs due to its reflective properties.

How many different file types are delivered per piece of artwork?

Typically, each piece of artwork is delivered in several file types to accommodate different uses. Common file formats include TIFF for high-resolution printing, JPEG for general use and online sharing, and PNG for transparent backgrounds. The exact number and types of files can vary based on client needs and the specifics of the project. If you have specific requirements or preferences for file types, please let me know during the setup of your project.

Do you ever work with a photo assistant?

When it’s a big job or if the paintings or the sculptures are large or fragile, I hire a photo assistant to help me during the photoshoot.

Do you capture paintings or drawings that are already framed behind glass or plexiglass?

Yes. An additional fee is included for the work necessary to set up equipment that would eliminate glare or reflection.